British Values – is there any such thing really as Britain?

British Values – is there any such thing really as Britain?

Great Britain started in 1704 with the Union of England with Scotland .This was done in a time honoured British way of bribing the Scottish nobility with lands and titles. This was challenged fairly quickly with two Jacobite rebellions. This provoked the British Government to bring British values to Scotland by means of the ‘Highland Clearances ” an act of brutal cleansing lead by the “butcher” Duke of Cumberland, affectionately known as Sweet William” in England and “Stinking Billy” in Scotland. This way clans and crofters were forcibly evicted, many murdered in the process by the “British” army full of “British values”. This was in fact the imperialist conquest of Scotland by England

Of course there’s India – colonised by a private company – the East India Company with its own army. Clearly allowing a private company to brutalise and exploit for the sake of private property is a key British value. When the Indians got fed up of it and rebelled, this was then “nationalised” by sending the regular army in – another key British value – use public money to protect private property.

Then there’s the Act of Union with Ireland. The English conquest of Ireland began with Henry II who encouraged a surplus of Norman no nobility to carve out estates for for themselves.

When the Irish resisted an army was sent to kick the Irish off their own land and plant English people there instead. This British example was repeated when the British Government told the Zionists they could do the same in Palestine. So kicking people off their own land and occupying it is a key British value.

Later followed the rising by the United Irishmen whose programme had a long history from the Levellers ( very British English losers) to the French Revolution. This cemented another principle- British values has nothing to do with equality. The Irish famine in 1848 demonstrated this British value once again. While millions were starving, the Anglo Irish landowners were exporting Irish wheat etc for profit. So once again the basic British value of protection of profits came to the fore. I could go on to the slave trade and the scramble for Africa but I’m tired of British values and it’s time the whole lot were stuck up Boris Johnson’s and the rest of the British Tory Party and most of the Labour Party’s collective arse.

By rfzo47

Retired History teacher, Union activist, Union officer, Labour.

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