Was the USSR Communist?

Marx & Engels

1 Revolutionary class the working class. China revolution based on the peasantry. Russia 80% peasantry in 1917.

2 So in China feudalism overthrown – read Marx what overthrows feudalism ? A bourgeois revolution.

3 The peasantry – an inherently conservative class. Once they have their own patch of land – that’s it.

3 Internationalism – the capitalist system is global no one can escape from it. Unless the revolution spreads into industrial countries it will fail. “ Socialism in one country” an un Marxist formulation disguising nationalism. Nationalism is a bourgeois concept.

4 The Workers State – Marx – a temporary stage where the workers take over the means of production then the state withers away to communist society where exploitation ceases to exist, instruments of the state, police, army disappear too. Russia and China ? Totalitarian police states exploiting the workers for profit State capitalism. Nothing whatever to do with Marxism. Lenin in 1919 “ This is a capitalist state that happens to be run by Communists” .

Trotsky Permanent Revolution and Lenin’s April Theses said the same thing, the bourgeois and socialist revolutions had to be carried out at the same time – the success of the latter depended on the revolution becoming international. Stalin’s triumph over the actual Bolsheviks represented by the Opposition in 1927 was a victory of the Tsarist bureaucracy over the barely existing working class. A victory of nationalism over communism. A counter revolution. China’s revolution was a destruction of feudalism – a bourgeois revolution.

The proof. The Soviet regime fell without a whimper. The state capitalists KGB became regular capitalists by simply dividing up the state’s assets between them. It remains a totalitarian police state.

China is a global player in world capitalism, imperialising and exploiting, lending money at a profit. Another totalitarian police capitalist state. Nothing whatever to do with socialism or Marxism.

By rfzo47

Retired History teacher, Union activist, Union officer, Labour.

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