History, Politics, Religion and Anything

I am a retired teacher of History and Politics ending my career as a full time trade union officer.

Ian using this blog basically air my views about things I have thought about over the years – some will be topical some will not. I don’t make any claims to originality, but equally, no-one should be able to accuse me of plagiarism. If I quote anyone I will certainly try to acknowledge them.

I am a socialist, I see myself as a Marxist, BUT definitely not in the Stalinist or Maoist tradition – both of whose ideas and followers I reject as mockeries and distortions of Marxism. To paraphrase Trotsky, Stalin stands in the same relation to Marxism as Judas Iscariot does to Christianity .

Many Marxists, if they read this blog will very likely see my thinking as flawed or lacking in rigour  – I do not make any claims of any kind.

The  blogs began with my analysis of religion and society. I spent many years writing these on and off.

Why is there Religion, the Origins of Religion, Ancient Matriarchal Society , The Roots of Christianity and the Myth of Jesus Christ are not intended to be scholastic works with masses of footnotes and references. However a reading list of some of  the sources I used might be helpful.

Religion and Society – Reading List

N.I. Bukharin – Historical Materialism

J.G. Frazer – The Golden Bough

F. Engels – The Origins of Private Property and the State

Mansel – The Gnostic Heresies

The Holy Bible (authorised version)

The Qu’ran (in English)

The Dictionary of Christian Biography

The Cambridge History of the Bible

Jacquetta Hawkes & Woolley – Prehistory and the Beginnings of Civilisation

Jacquetta Hawkes – Atlas of Ancient Archaeology

Cambridge Encyclopaedia of Archaeology

Tacitus – The Annals of Imperial Rome

S. Takakura – The Ainu of Northern Japan

N.G Munro – Ainu Creed and Cult

George Caitlin – Letters and Notes on the Manners, Customs and Condition of the North American Indians

Mircia Eliade – A History of Religious Ideas

Merlin Stone – The Paradise Papers

Elaine Pagels – The Gnostic Gospels

William Watson – Cultural Frontiers in the Ancient Near East

James Melaart – The Neolithic of the Near East

Bachofen – The Mother, Myth and Religion

D. Baranki – Phoenicia and the Phoenicians

A. Bertholet – History of Hebrew Civilisation

K. Bittel – Hattiska, Capital of the Hittites

D.G. Brandon – Creation Legends of the Ancient Near East

E. Butterworth – Some traces of the Pre – Olympian World

S. Melgunov – Russian Religious and Social Movements of the Seventeenth Century

Womens Liberation and Socialist Revolution – various =- Pathfinder

H. Butterworth – Christianity and History

H.N. Brailsford – The Levellers

K. Marx – Capital vol 1

J.G Robertson  – A Short History of Christianity

M. Finley – Early Greece and Bronze Age Archaic Society

Radical Feminist Collective – Feminist Practice

F. Engels – The Dialectics of Nature

Alexandra Kollantai – Sexual Relations & the Class Struggle.

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